Game Monsta the mixtape

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1. East to West Coast

2. Oh you think I’m playin ft. Sire

3. Underground ft. Kause

4. Pussy

5. Shake it ft. Billy Slade

6. Shut the club down ft. Freeze Wun

7. Kush

8. Get your crew

9. Knocked down ft. Billy Slade

10. Surrey Kingz Party

Whats goin on playas & playettes. I had to blast out another release cause i got to much on my mind to just sit there and write. I need it to be heard. So a big shout out to Stroker DeLuca who was in the studio for 9 hours straight with me to get this done. Thats’s right I recorded this entire mixtape in 1 session.Thanks to Billy Slade, Kause, Swisha, & Freeze Wun for hoppin on here and just killin there verses, and you know you gotta get get your albums mastered by JThorn out of Paranoyd Sound Studios if you want it to sound correct. Let me know what track you’ve been bumpin. I only released 1 track to the public, and that was 1 day before this was released. Shut the club down is a huge track and Freeze Wun is a beast on it.

When I get feedback saying I’m a fans favourite artist out there, thats what makes me go forward, and try and shut the country down.

BC Stand Up, theres a KING in the building… Game Monsta

Surrey Kingz B.C. Canada