Monsta Mack EP


Check for the promo in April’s ”TRUE“  magazine – Wiz Khalifa Edition

1. Earhthquake – available on itunes

2. West Coast ft. Jake C, Stroker D

3. Rock the mic ft. Smurf Durrt

4. Want that ft. Baby D

5. Hataholic ft. Lesk One

6. Track Killa ft. General Gemineye, Kause

7. I thought I told you

I’ve been waiting to put this out for 6 months now. While putting out the Surrey Kingz album in June 2010 & the compilation B.C. Stand up in late January 2011; I just needed to put out a solo joint for the heads to spit some game to, ride & talk some shit to.

There’s something for everybody on this. It’s been a hard working past few years, and I’ve been holding on to my track ( Earthquake ) produced by: D-Rec for a year now. So I could of just threw some tracks together and put it out 2 months ago, but it needed to be done right.

The final tweeks of the album & art work made the difference between a really good album and a classic album. One of my favourite tracks is West Coast featuring an up & coming young hiphop artist Jake C & a real under rated artist from Vancouver Stroker DeLuca.

Most people that I leaked this album too really like Rock the Mic featuring @smurf-durrt out of Kentucky and produced by Jesus Castillo of  Del Rio, Texas. So B.C. Stand up and check this album out. I only do KING shit.

Surrey Kingz B.C. Canada