Surrey Kingz – Self Titled


Surrey Kingz self titled album available

Production from: JThorn, @dertmerchant, Bigbrother, Kause & Monsta Mack
Produced by Monsta Mack & JThorn
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by JThorn of Indelible @ @paranoydpro

  1. Do it Big – available on iTunes
  2. I’m so hot
  3. Don’t give a fuck ft. JT420
  4. Get Naked
  5. Point em’ out
  6. I can give a
  7. Pass it around
  8. Angels call
  9. Back in the day
  10. All night
  11. I’m a Surrey King
  12. Summertime ft. Indelbile
  13. Wait a minute
  14. Mind freak
  15. Bounce
  16. Slide down the pole ft. Billy Slade
  17. Ride out ft. Conspirituaity, Sire, Illucid, Kid Dreezy
Surrey Kingz B.C. Canada