Surrey Kingz – Royal Flush

Royal Flush Mixtape
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  • 1. Bobblehead
  • 2. Funky
  • 3. Show me what you got
  • 4. Stuntin ft. Stroker DeLuca
  • 5. It’s Over
  • 6. Kingz is Back ft. Bismillah Maharaj
  • 7. Show me what you got part 2
  • 8. Underground
  • 9. End of times ft. Kause
  • 10. Surrey Kingz hiphop
  • 11. Keep movin
  • 12.Turnin Headz
  • 13. Get that money
  • 14. So Wack

Whats goin on, it’s Monsta Mack. Just wanna say I do mixtapes to show what can be done on industry production.Alot of people hate on mixtapes, but that’s cause they can’t do it like Surrey Kingz do. This is the 6th release under Surrey Kingz Music in just under 2 years,  and its the finest yet.

We recorded it entirely at Stroker DeLuca’s studio in East Van. We even got him on 1 of the tracks ( Stuntin ). We also got Sons of Zaddick from Conspirituality on ( Kingz is back ).

The Royal flush mixtape was mastered @ Paranoyd Sound Studios by JThorn, and the game has been stepped up on this one.

If you’ve been feelin the music from us for the past couple years then this is gonna knock your ears in. Soak the game up, blaze that chronic, hit the gas, take some shots, turn the headphones up or do whatever you do when you play that music.

Make your choice on the best tracks on the mixtape & let me know. Enjoy this one, cause I got the Monsta Mack mixtape (Game Monsta) droppin Oct. 31st.

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Surrey Kingz B.C. Canada